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Should You Sell Your Car?

Are you looking to sell your car or trade-in your car around Wasaga Beach? Then you might be wondering how much your car is worth in Canada. Trading in your current vehicle is a quick way to make your next purchase far more affordable and to get a lower interest rate on your auto loan. To value your trade near Wasaga Beach and determine the trade-in price for your car, use our tool above. Once you find out what your car is worth, read our primer on how to trade in your car.

We’ll quickly cover the steps to trade in or sell your car, and go over some benefits of trading your vehicle in at Mike Jackson GM. Once you’ve got your quote, be sure to deduct your estimate from the purchase price of the vehicle when applying for financing or using our monthly payment calculator to see your adjusted interest rate and estimated monthly payment.

What Are the Benefits of Trading in a Car?

The first step to should take when figuring out how to trade in your car near Barrie is understanding why you should value your trade near Wasaga Beach. Before you determine the trade-in price for your car, learn about a few of the key benefits of trading in your vehicle:

  • You’ll reap the benefits of selling your car without any of the associated hassles. There’s no need to advertise your car, screen prospective buyers in the Meaford-area—or negotiate. Our dealership will handle the hard parts! And cutting out the hassle doesn’t mean you won’t sell your car at market value!
  • Trading in a car is fast and convenient. Simply use our trade-in tool to submit your car’s information and attach a couple of photos, to find out how much your car is worth. We’ll handle the rest!
  • If you own your car, you can apply the money you’ll get from the trade-in deal to the lease or finance plan attached to your next car.
  • If you use the money you get towards your down payment, you’ll have a much easier time negotiating for a lower interest rate.

How to Trade in Your Car

If you’re looking to trade in your car around Wasaga Beach, but you’re unsure of what steps to take, follow the instructions below:

  • Use our trade-in tool above to get a quote on how much your car is worth. To obtain the trade-in car price for your car, you’ll need the VIN number, year, make, model, trim, and an estimate of what condition it’s in. Be sure to make note of any customizations it’s undergone. You should also get additional estimates from Kelley Blue Book® Value and Edmunds True Market Value®. Bringing several quotes will only give you more leverage at the negotiating table.
  • Once you’ve gotten your quotes, bring them to Mike Jackson GM in Collingwood. Wondering, “Should I fix my car before trading it in?” Our mechanics will inspect the vehicle and verify its condition. We’ll consider the model’s market value, condition, and general demand, and then give you an offer.
  • Once you have your offer, prepare to negotiate. Once both parties have settled on a final price, you can choose to sell your car and take cash or trade it in for credit toward a new vehicle.

Tips on Optimizing Trade-in Value

“What is my car worth,” you ask. That depends on a few factors. If you’re planning to sell your car or on trading in your vehicle, and you want to be sure that you get the best offer that you can for it, consider the following tips:

  • If your car is halfway to its next service interval, don’t worry too much about having it maintained. It’s highly cost-effective for a dealership to top off all of its vital fluids—you’ll lose many paying for those maintenances when you compare their costs to the small price deducted from the value of your trade-in.
  • If your car needs big repairs or parts replacement, definitely take care of this beforehand. These can have a major impact on the value of your vehicle, as well as whether you’ll find a willing buyer in the first place.
  • If your upholstery is in bad shape or your cabin is dirty, appearance can have a big impact on condition grading. Touching up the cabin of your vehicle is a highly cost-effective way to optimize trade-in value.
  • If you have access to a vehicle history report and can prove that your car was regularly maintained in accordance with its recommended service intervals, rest assured that it will reflect positively in the final assessment of what your car is worth!

Have More Questions About How to Trade Your Car Around Wasaga Beach?

If you’re running into any issues as you attempt to value your trade near Wasaga Beach and find out how much your car is worth in Canada, don’t hesitate to contact Mike Jackson GM in Collingwood for help. We’ll walk you through all the steps of how to trade in their car and determine the trade-in price of your car. Do you have other questions about the car-buying process? Are wondering how to sell your car? Be sure to check out our finance and insurance guides for helpful reads. We look forward to showing you exceptional customer service.